Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What About Balance? (PB)

Do you remember when we sat in the MPR on the first day of school and were told that the theme of the year was going to be "balance?" Did you too feel a sense of relief that maybe junior year was not going to be as bad as you had heard?

Or was it too good to be true?

Why don't we take a stroll back to advisor groups of sophomore year? How great was it to have the juniors leading them go on, month after month, about how difficult junior year is? Did it annoy you too? Or how about when you got your schedule over the summer? Were you at all excited about having some of our teachers again?

And how did you feel walking back into Biotech for your second-to-last first day of high school? Do you remember the smiles? The laughter? The hugs?

But where have they gone?

Do you remember those kids who used to always have smiles on their faces? Have you ever wondered what happened to them? Could junior year have taken them away?

Do you enjoy waking up before the sun is up and then going to sleep long after it has set? What ever happened to those circadian rhythms we learned about in biology? Shouldn't we consider following that? Do you even remember what a full night of sleep is like?

How would you feel to be rewarded for getting through a big assignment with another big assignment? Could we possibly have thirty seconds to breathe? Do you understand that some teachers are really trying to help us with our balance? Is it really necessary to ruin that? And how come we always end up with like 3 IAs at once? Isn't that such a cruel coincidence?

And why do I put so much pressure on myself? Why do I need to be perfect on everything? Why can't I skip a homework assignment every so often? Why can't I just relax? Why do I need to get bad stomach aches every time I get stressed? Isn't my body trying to tell me something?

Why don't we try to relax and enjoy high school? How about giving in and going out with our friends instead of studying? Can we appreciate the opportunities we are given and understand how privileged we are?

And most of all, why can't I listen to my own advice?


  1. I'm sorry you're stressed, Shawn! We love you! I dare you to skip your vocab homework for unit 6! Remember, pobody's nerfect!

    Side note, I love that you brought back the rhetorical questions technique! It's pretty effective for arguing, wouldn't you say?

    1. HAHAHAHA that's hilarious, Ms. Lamp! Actually, I kind of enjoy vocab, so that wouldn't help. #nerdstatus. And yes, I love the rhetorical questions!

    2. Oh well, I tried! :)

      I'm excited to hear your reaction to the video we're watching tomorrow; it relates to your post I think!

      Side note, I just spelled "hear" with an e on the end..."heare." Something is wrong with me.

  2. I agree! Well, kind of. But kind of the opposite at the same time. In the first month of school I thought we were in for it, probably because I was up till 1:30 multiple nights a week with absolutely zero procrastination. And this weel in particular, too, has been a little crazy because of all the tests we have in ALL of our classes.

    But on the other hand, I kind of feel the opposite way about junior year so far! I, too, thought the staff was crazy when they aid it would be balanced, but aside from the occasional hell week or two, I feel like this year had been a lot more laxed than I imagined. I remember the last-year's-juniors complaints and they made it seem like it would be a million times worse. And yeah, sure, there's definitely more work, but at the same time I adjusted really well and try a lot more and am more focused than the very little I cared freshman and sophomore years, so I guess that's probably why I don't notice it as much. But anyway, I'm rambling.. haha!

    I feel like the teachers have been doing a really good job of keeping the balance, with the homework being light (and let's keep it that way!), even so that I have enough time to exercise some days, work a weekday or two, and even sometimes hangout with friends for an hour or two a day or two during the week. I think that definitely fits the whole balance theme, so yay, go teachers!

  3. I like the use of the rhetorical device! It contributes to the main argument of this post alot! I think it add some sarcasm where sarcasm is due.

    But going to the main point of the post.

    Yeah i remember that day like it was yesterday. Ugh how much i do wish it was true. This year is so stressful! Seriously, i wish some of the teachers used that calendar Miss Lamp was talking about in class. That would be so much help. Not having like a million things due one week and then having nothing to do the next. It's crazy! Hopefully that's something the teachers will work on this up coming semester :)